FAX Mumbo Jumbo.

I am thinking on the path of IT infrastructure readiness and ICT literacy. One thing hit me is that MAS has been rely on the local representative trust to implement RAS. Most of the local rep has been doing this for years. I believed that most of them has no ICT skill.

During one of my project, I get to travel to all these small places using RAS. Knowing that the handler at the STOL airstrip are mostly senior and the infra at the RAS terminal is minimal. Some don’t even have electricity supply. Now I wonder, how are they going to have electronic check in at those places?

In terms of internet access, one place that I went to has no hand phone signal. There are almost no phone and the only outgoing communication is via VSAT which provide limited bandwidth for audio.

I am going to wonder how FAX is going to make it happen in this situation. Counting the factors involved, they are, infrastructure, access, last mile access, bandwidth, reliability, logistic, data management, data control, data access, computer literacy, communication, ICT skills, modus operandi and etc.

Hey! I have not come down to the standard operation procedure yet!

But who am I to doubt FAX. I am sure they have thought of this way before I do. Probably the Modus Operandi of the previous handler is been maintained but I would not know how now as there was no announcement on this yet.

It’s T – 32 days. It may be that the livelihood of the community in various part of Sarawak is going to be greatly affected by the change. There are a lot of change management issue that has yet to be given a measures and with the time running short, too short for an impact analysis, I would be expecting some changes here which can impact the balance in the demographic in Sarawak.

The one party which has yet to voice out is the inheritor who has been quietly setting things in motion and making the transition unknown to the general public and the suspense that is causing those involved in the operation of these STOL and those that depend on the deliverability of FAX. Coming from the other angle will be the people who has been very used to the soon-to-be legacy arrangement, may not consider unnecessary travel arrangement due to the uncertainty.