Month: July 2006

  • Credit Card Cloned.

    My credit card from one bank has been cloned recently. All transaction is pointing to Air-Asia. I’ve requested Citibank to block my card this morning yet they did not do so until more transactions been carried out which triggered a fraud warning in their system. Anyway, the telebanker I spoked with this morning ought to […]

  • Sarawak Club (1876-2006)

    Just heard that the 130 years old Sarawak Club is left with only pillars standing after the dawn fire.

  • Squeezed in! Walked out! Food in! Words out!

    After the apparent objection by the six reps from DAP at the Dewan, what was supposed that I have seen today was not at the Dewan. Heck! I was nowhere near the Dewan these few days. I bumped into them at lunch at one of the more luxurious restaurant in Kuching – Rock Road Restaurant. […]

  • TM Net Problemo

    It seems that TM Net has some int’l link problemo today. A lot of site is on/off flip-flop for the whole afternoon. I surely hoped that things will get back to normal soon.

  • Sick jokes from unknown SMS

    I first got this SMS at 7:12pm from an unknown source +601910^^^01a^01a^^ (celcom System screwed up again with the incoming number): “It seems dat(that) Dato(Datuk) K is 2(too) old 2(to) drive a brand new (Honda) City. He should follow a humble man Dato(Datuk Seri) Effendy(Effendi) who drives a second hand (Proton) Tiara.” Some people are […]