Air-Asia and MAS

It really don’t make sense when some goons with the gelaran Datuk, make some decision that they have no consideration for the two camps involved in the feud. Pardon me saying, but isn’t MAS in deep shit financially, and only able to cut short the loses very recently with a lot of rationalisation?, I know that the food on board has changed and there is less varieties of alcohols on board. Also in the change is the ticketing and the price of the ticket. I would beckons on the abolishment of the floor price whilst also abolish what MAS to use to challenge the challenger Air-Asia – the supersaver. I would think that it will only be wise that the subsidised commodity should stop, this includes the ticket for the well and fit, working class while still help the disabled, senior citizen and student with discounted fare. It will be unwise for MAS to have supersaver and discount for politian, soldiers and etc. I am sure the soldiers has their own air transportation, be it army, marine or air-force. They do not beed subsidised tickets. Politians ticket are paid by the wealthy politician or the government. It will make the government look silly by giving alms to MAS while asking MAS to serve them with discount. That does not help the situation at all. I do concur that these worker for the general demographic have to travel frequently. But I am sure they are well paid enough to pay for their own ticket when they go travel not for official duty. Why are they so special that they must be given a discount while they kept shouting “Change your Lifestyle!” to the rest of the people in the country!?!

To Datuk Tony Fernandes, I know your plight that it seems that the tools used by MAS against Air Asia is now been given back to your rival. But I would think that you point of level battle field would be at the consensus when those that deserved discount, People With Disabilities, Senior Citizen, Students and the less furtunates, gets to enjoy discount from the big kites and get those who can afford and don’t want to pay extra, a slap in the hand when they travel.

To our right honourable prime minister and his deputy, since you have asked us to change our lifestyle, and we being survivors all these while have adapted to the change. However, please do not let those who are more well paid by the people (via tax) to enjoy things like discounts on premium flights on board the national airlines while the rest is paying a full fare, this is ethically unjust.
To Idris Jala, the alms from the government is rightly orginated from the people. It should not be made into tools for unfair competition.