Online Feedback to Telekom Malaysia


Dear sirs,

I wish to bring your kind attention to TM 100 services. I made a complain call this evening and surely enough, I have chosen to spoke to someone in English. This gentlemen at the other end of the phone replied me with “Bahasa Pasar” and I really have no idea what he is talking about as the slant seems to be of northern Peninsula. The telephonist could had me repeat the word “seventeen” thrice before he can get it and he seems lost about how to handle my complain and put me on hold without informing once and another time with just “wait ya!”

It seems as if the telephonist was not properly trained to handle calls from the public. I hope that such type of answering will not occur in the future and I sincerely hoped that you will have your Human Resource Manager looking into this matter as it involved Telekom Malaysia reputation to the general demographics.


Pierce Wong

Deputy Chairman – TM Net Sarawak User Group.