Sick jokes from unknown SMS

I first got this SMS at 7:12pm from an unknown source +601910^^^01a^01a^^ (celcom System screwed up again with the incoming number):

“It seems dat(that) Dato(Datuk) K is 2(too) old 2(to) drive a brand new (Honda) City. He should follow a humble man Dato(Datuk Seri) Effendy(Effendi) who drives a second hand (Proton) Tiara.”

Some people are really sick to come up with such type of SPAM SMS and fancied themselves with cars and girls Some threat their wife as car and some threat their car as wife. But please don’t make it that other people thinks the same way as you. These four citizens are good people. The way should be that we should bless Datuk K and Siti on their marriage, and not this type of mockery sent in mass mailing list. Didn’t even get their title right. Though reading it may have some good laugh, but think in the victim’s shoe, making fun of people’s name has defamation all written over it. On the ground of Datin Seri, every relationship is brand new beginning. It is really sick to call someone a second hand.
I also know a few of my friends has received the same sms.