Squeezed in! Walked out! Food in! Words out!

After the apparent objection by the six reps from DAP at the Dewan, what was supposed that I have seen today was not at the Dewan. Heck! I was nowhere near the Dewan these few days. I bumped into them at lunch at one of the more luxurious restaurant in Kuching – Rock Road Restaurant. They were enjoying themselves with the delicious seafood while talked on what had happened in the Dewan in the last few days. Overhearing them also talking are the issues on the land renewal. Also heard the news from a friend in KL who was staying at Hilton that there are certain YB. whose name he cannot remember, was talking in the business centre in Hilton discussing with another YB on the land issue for the whole night.

I surely hoped that things in the Dewan can go on smoothly. I do have a few friends who are YBs. I just wish that the next time I see them, they are not as stressful as the last time I saw them.