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SMS and Content code.

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Did the fella who sms broadcast to all his friends and relay the SMS onward trying to rescue the girl friend violated the content code and term of use of SMS services? What has caused false news to be spread … Continue reading

‘Dead’ man pleaded guilty?!?

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Pleaded guilty for what? For being dead? Kind of illogical isn’t it? how can someone be dead while still turn up for defence in court? story here

Free travelling Urging ATM.

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Read (pass tense) this article……. Armed Forces To Explore Africa And Round The Globe KUCHING, Aug 26 (Bernama) — After braving the South China Sea in canoes, the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) now set their minds on exploring Africa and … Continue reading

How Unmalaysian am I?

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Congratulations pw, you are 32% not Malaysian. That means you’re as Malaysian as… Michelle Yeoh! How Un-Malaysian Are You?

8 or 9 planets?

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Its time to throw out all the old text book and reprint them. CNN has just informed that the International Astronomical Union has made the decision to demote Pluto as a planet. Pluto no longer a planet, say astronomers Thursday, … Continue reading