“Someone ought to be shot!”

The figure of speech has been that some one who has made a blunder ought to be punished. This figure of speech has been used lately by a commenter on screenshots and thesun respectively on different issues.

Today, I wanted to add to that list on my ordeal with the credit card company – Citibank. Firstly, I’ve asked them to block the compromised card which they didn’t, Only to find out that more transaction has been carried out by the culprit.

When they have successfuly detected the flaws, I have asked them to replace the card via courier which they did. Only to find that the replacement card is lying at my driveway at home. What a stupid courier company – POSLAJU. I think the courier “ought to be shot!” Anyway, from the security cam, some ought to be shot kid came to my mail box after the idiot with the mental ability of a 5th grade slot in the letter containing the ought to be shot Credit card and open my envelope which was not properly inserted in to my ought to be shot mailbox.

Things couldn’t have been better if it wasn’t my security camera that shows that the letter was taken away from my mailbox and was put back into the mailbox by toddlers who is jumping up and down trying to reinset my letter back to the letter box after they have open it.

What happened is that in 2 weeks time, I have 2 cancelled credit cards and several unwanted transaction that I want to shoot back to Citibank and ask for a reversal and rebate. May be they should give me some more gift just to calm me down. (If you wished!)