bruteforce card from Vectorarmada

Following miracle8‘s plight, I received a call from 019-6697212…

Bitch: Hello, boleh saya cakap dengan Mr. Wong?

Me: Ya!, Where are you calling from?

Bitch: Saya dari “Fuck the mother” Sdn. Bhd.

Me: from where?

Bitch: “Fuck the mother” Sdn. Bhd.

Me: How to spell that?

Bitch: V-E-C-T-O-R-A-R-M-A-D-A.

Me: ok!. What is this regarding?

Bitch: Encik Wong ada guna Kad Kredit Visa atau Master ka?

Me: Why do you want to know?

Bitch: Sebab Kami nak hantarkan satu lagi Kad VIP untul awak.

Me: What’s it for?

Bitch: Tak dapat dengar la.

Me: What’s it for?

Bitch: Tak Dapat Dengar la Mr. Wong. Boleh cakap kuat sikit?

Me: I am speaking on top of my voice!. WHAT’S IT FOR?

Bitch: Ee….

She hung up!.

Sounded like a a direct sales bitch to me. And further check on their web site, They don’t have a direct sales registration.