In the odds of the day, Many office goers have to face with one fact in their life, that is whenever they are called to a meeting, it will be either definate or indefinate in time. Culling out of the culture here in Malaysia, meetings are often been mistaken with “Mee Eating”.
Picture 0002.jpg Having to say on being in the meeting, I ponder as to why there is this habit of Malaysian to have thing like Mee in the meeting. I guess that Many $$$$ has been spent on lavish food in meetings and making the caterer filthy rich.I took a stance in looking at a small company of 20 where meeting occur once every week, Each meal is costing RM 4-RM 8 per pax which come to a total of RM 640 a months. Enough to hire two domestic maid.

Well, most of my meeting is called without any food involved. Ever since I work for this Belgium Consoltium back in 1997, I have insist that if you want food in the meeting, you would have to BYO. I will only prepare some drink be it coffee to boost the awakeness of the meeting goers or some tea to relief some stress.

To me, I do not want to worry about whether the food provided is halal or kosher. Many of those in my team in 97′ were vegetarian from India and tibet, some are chinese vegetarian and there were two jews and 4 muslem. Finding food that is acceptable by all would be as hard as the project itself.

Anyway, this norm of Mee eating in the meeting is kind of Malaysian in a way. Even Datuk Lat has a cartoon drawn about this.

One harder experience I had in one assiciation is that days before the meeting, I get email on what type of food we are going to have during the meeting, not what we are going to discuss during the meeting. As if the food during the meeting is far way more important than the EGM of the assiciations to iron out some hard core at hand issues that would mean live or death to certain operation. Yet the meeting goers could only think about is what they are going to fill in their stomach during the meeting.

Sensing that this is kind of getting overboard, I have ordered that there will be no food during that EGM. What I get is an outcry during the start of the meeting that people complain about not getting food on the table in the meeting instead. What a culture.