Letter to My Prime Minister.

To my Dear Prime Minister,

On your not-so-recent comments on bloggers as the source of information which brought much negative responses from the bloggers community, I do not quite agreed with your stance to ask all of those in Malaysia that blogs should not be a source of information. To me, blogging is the people’s voices, they blog because they want their voices heard. Blogging consist of mostly rants, lamentations and unhappiness. Though I do not agreed on people using their blog for negative propaganda.

If I saw with my own eyes that say one public figure committed some offences against the law and I blog about it with my own source of evidences such as picture or audio recording, my blog should be considered as source of information. However, if it is from a third party and I blog on it, I would not consider that as a reliable source of information.

I will be blunt about this. Lets say that one of the bus company here in Kuching which is owned by a famous politician, has a bus that is in an extremely bad shape, when I see with my own eyes that the steps walking up into the bus has rusted and someone my weight might get hurt when stepping on it. I took a photo and put on my blog, eventhough I knew that the owner of the bus company is definitely not going to be happy with me as a source of information and evidence of their lacking, this blog entry should still be a reliable source of information as it has evidence of proof that should be made known to the public. But if I browse the internet and take someone else’s blog entry and make it part of my blog entry, that can not be considered a reliable source of information. It all bolt down to how the blog entry is made and what is it made from.
All surfer will know that if you read someone’s blog, that blog have to be read with some discernment as to whether each and individual entry is reliable information or not, and not jumping into a conclusion that everything of say kennysia.com’s blog for example is reliable and anything from rojak blog is not. It may come to sense when occasionally, kenny might play a joke or two to fool readers with his phranks and occasionally rojak might have witness some incident that has truly happened.

On the other hand, Reuters has recently withdrawn a modified picture they published because it has been intentionally modified to spice up the mood from the actual fact. Eventhough reuters is a very reliable source of news worldwide, spiked news can still make through their channels causing much unrest as it impact the peace and harmony of people supporting the two different side of the conflict. Still recall during the Helicopter crash incident couple of years back at mount Murud, Bernama, Malaysian national news agency has also release untrue news that there were survivor but was later to be proven wrong as all seven honourable figures have demised. This mishap has caused those related to the victim more mental stress as fake hope that was set by the news agency has caused deeper dismay and made more the sadness felt when the fact was discovered.
I will read others’ blog and write my blog with my own discernment. Malaysian bloggers are Malaysian too, They are a part of the people and citizen of Malaysia, and if you could look closely, some or even most of them voted for BN too.

Yours truly,