Shopping the Malaysian style.

My wife and I was having breakfast with my in-laws at Siang X 2, where we saw scores of people standing at the door of the supermarket as early as 8:00am waiting for the door to open. The crowd is increasing while we enjoy our break fast. right before 9:30, you could hardly walk through the area we were sitting which is near the entrance. At exactly 9:35am, the roller shutter rolls up and people started their dashes into the supermarket as if there is someone running amok behind them with a parang.

We went in to buy some day to day items and saw that several items are up for grab. They are

1. Compress toilet tolls, for RM 5.95
2. Milo 2.3L refill pack, for RM 10.95
3. Cooking oil, No idea what is the price.

My attention was on the bunch of ‘si lai’ trying to get their pack of Milo. Even before the staff put down the box on the floor in front of the shelf, they have rush up towards the shelf stopping him from doing his job. They tear off the boxes just to get their pack.

Coming up next is the multitute that stands in front of a door to the storeroom where they waited for the cooking oil to be taken out. two ‘si lai’ was struggling over one bottle of cooking oil while the other ‘si lai’ was arm-wrestling with a ‘ah kong’ over another bottle.

The most daunting one is the toilet rolls. Now how many anus can one have in their house? And how much do they need to use per anus? These two storekeepers took out two big plastic bag of toilet rolls from the truck parked outside and while they are happily carring four bags of 10 packs to the designated shelf space, some people started to rip the toilet rolls off their hand and nearly cause one of them to fall into a shelf full of soap and shampoos.

This is how Malaysian shop during a one day sales at a local supermarket.

Too bad, I don’t have my video phone with me that day, else, I would have taken a video clips.