MRR2 flyover ban on lorries

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MRR2 flyover ban on lorries

Ok, They spent multi millions building it, and spent even more millions fixing it but the fact is that the fix has cause the project to fail because the specification given initially by the customer (Government) cannot be met and the structure cannot withstand the weight where a few three trunks can withstand.

Well, only in Malaysia, you can find such type of project and only here, you can have such things happening. I wonder, where does all the money goes? Maybe semivalue consideration of the cut each fatty acid is getting should be cut and make the structure more Malaysian by using some threes to build the road. That way, it at least cost less than what is was to be and still able to let the public use it for a few years before spending another parts (<1%) rebuilding it with the same material. This will make more economical sense than building with concrete that can be chisel away with a pair of toothpick.

On the other park, may be someone in the public service department ought to be responsible for not enforcing quality check during the construction and simply signing the certification of completion without ensuring that things is carried out based on the specifications.

I always think that the lowest bidder sometimes might not be the best person for the job. I also know that in construction project, being the lowest in price does not warrant you the project. The factor in control is the % of cut the officer is getting. It has been the same in some project I have seen. Think of an engineer who earns 5K-6K a month, how could they afford a fully first class travel to overseas for the whole family of 6 every year? The amount they spent is every year is what they earn in salary every 50 months. It just does not make sense.

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