Clearing the air.

Right before the Aug 31, all ministers though there are rains that came naturally, still insist of making the effort to do cloud seedings. Indeed we have clear air during those few days. Now that the grand event is over, I have yet to see any minister insisting of cloud seedings to be carried out. Pondering into why those cloud seedings efforts are not been put in place, I went on and check the API for today. It seems to be worsen than yesterday. My instrument measures more than 165 this morning at 9:00 am. But since this instrument is only on my roof top here at Satok, I don’t think it can give a proper reading and my instrument may not be accurate because it was home made from diagram from the internet.

Is there anyone out there who has a properly certified instrument which can be used to measure the API and hook it up to the internet? I can help publishing the result live on the internet.

I do know certain concerned minister is too busy with some political problem at hand, but I would think that ministers such as those of the health, environment, and public health should consider cloud seeding before things turn into danger (above API index of 150).

Still recall a minister said back in August that quoting:

“As the Meteorological Service has forecasted, it will start to rain in September and so it has. The wind direction has also changed in our favour, and there is not much danger of the haze coming back,”

I wonder if there is anything being done today when the API exceeded 165 on my own instrument… Maybe there will be some announcement tomorrow on this drastic increase of air particles this morning.