Associated Press – Strange: Malaysia to Levy Fines for Poor Speech

Malaysia to Levy Fines for Poor Speech

So, if I blog here and say “Aiya, Don’t be like thatlah” I might get a RM 1,000.00 fine. But I would think that our dear minister should have consider that the evolution of languages sometimes converging two or more into a unique language/dialect is only natural. Our Bahasa Melayu was “Lingua Franca” once and it has converged into several variants in the region including the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. (Pig in BM is “babi” and in Philippines is “Babu”) If our dear minister would come over to Sarawak, he could still be able to find out how different and how similar the language used by the Iban and Bahasa Melayu (Bahasa Malaysia) are. Even the language used by the Malay at the Northern part of Peninsular and the Southern are not the same. So, Blogger, please blog using proper languages or else you will get fine by Rais.