Day: October 23, 2006

  • Riders skills…..

    Sure Boleh Balik Raya like this… Is that an unbrella in the rider’s hand? Daddy, I saw RM 1 on the road and I want it.

  • Tourist Question

    A friend from Australia visiting Kuching asked me what had happened to the Tourist Map that was supposed to be there for tourist to learn their get around in town. This is the pic he has shown me

  • DBKU doggone commitment?

    I have passed by this banner ( ) every day since September. The picture above was taken yesterday when I tried to go there to pay for my assessment bill. Looking at the half shut roller shutter, I began to wonder if DBKU has actually committed to the opening of the counter as denoted by […]

  • Parking @ Saberkas 2006

    This is how people in Wisma Saberkas park their car. And …. Linda Yong or anyone from Presab, Any comment?