DBKU doggone commitment?

I have passed by this banner (


) every day since September. The picture above was taken yesterday when I tried to go there to pay for my assessment bill. Looking at the half shut roller shutter, I began to wonder if DBKU has actually committed to the opening of the counter as denoted by the banner hanging above and to my dismay, they are not. I push open the grass door and shout “Ada orang kah?” followed by 30 seconds of silence and nothing. Reckoning that my car was parked next to one of their vehicle, I went on and was about to part away in my car when I noticed a locked truck with the rear end window winded down.


I do hoped that DBKU will honour their published operation hours and their published commitment to the public and let not the Hari Raya overtaken their commitment. According to an Iman friend of mine from one Kampung somewhere near here, dishonouring a commitment is a sin under the eyes of Islam. Whether the counter staff is muslim or not would have no reason for DBKU leaving a commitment in a doggone situation. May be our honourable mayor could tell us whether the banner is up there for fun of deceit or for a truthful public commitment to serve the public especially in this holy month of Ramadhan. It was a Sunday in October yesterday and it was not the last Sunday in October.