Month: October 2006

  • This is what people do in Kuching.

    6:45am: Leave bottle at Satok Plaza. Contains left over beer from previous night buka puasa that has passed through bladder 7:45am: Riding on a car to work. Wind surfing riding shortgun to the office out of the windows of a Proton Wira. 8:30am Exercise at office. Gotta stay alive and do work or else problem…. […]

  • Good Food.

    I went around some place in town this afternoon and found a massive traffic jam. It was caused by the costruction of the interchange accessing to the Kuching International airport. Looking up on the way to penrissen, I felt hungry and decided to get some pastry as filler while waiting for the 1pm lunch. Ended […]

  • Jaring Web site

    Its sure looks like someone forgot to switch on the power cord to the SQL server….

  • Loss of mayor’s post splits SUPP Youth

    Loss of mayor’s post splits SUPP Youth Heard of Sarawak Chinese Coalition back in the 60s’? Sounded similar don’t you think?

  • Associated Press – Strange: Malaysia to Levy Fines for Poor Speech

    Malaysia to Levy Fines for Poor Speech So, if I blog here and say “Aiya, Don’t be like thatlah” I might get a RM 1,000.00 fine. But I would think that our dear minister should have consider that the evolution of languages sometimes converging two or more into a unique language/dialect is only natural. Our […]