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a fag in 4 1/2 miles Everrise

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Went to the stall to buy some household thingy. Picked up something that has no price tag. Called a storekeeper to ask of the item price and this fag in a bad mood and sourly long face as long as … Continue reading

Poor Turkey

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Turkey trying to get out of Jersey Those Jersey people surely have big appetite. Even the Turkey want to get out of Jersey before Thanks Giving……… They are Turkey and They ain’t giving.


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When I was in my pre-teens, I joined the SUPP’s singing lesson under this fat singing bird named 张大卫 and being a naive 8 yrs old, with a lisp, I often call SUPP as “Soup”. I believed when I was … Continue reading

Yahoo! Domain hacked?

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I have just noticed that all the domain I’ve registered under yahoo.com domain has been spammed. This includes the email address I used to register them. Maybe Yahoo! should investigate on this.