AP: Malaysian proposes ‘shouting’ room

Malaysian proposes ‘shouting’ room

Our dearest DCM- Jabu has made it to the world front page….

One response to “AP: Malaysian proposes ‘shouting’ room”

  1. The State’s DUN seating has caught the Parliament ‘monkey business’ fever, where anyone can call anyone else improper names, least of all ‘monkey’, and still get away with it. I personally think the proposal to build the Shouting Room is another instance of the very opposite of ‘Malaysia Boleh’. Instead of it doing good for the stress-laden, it just cracks up another political joke to be talked about when they should be focusing on other pressing matters.

    Anyway, I dont know about you, but im beginning to lose my faith in the Oppositions. I used to think they should be given a chance to work aside the govt parties, but it seems that all they’re good at are making insinuations, pointing fingers and causing disintegration, and worst of all THEY CANT EVEN BACK UP THEIR ALLEGATION! we all wanna voice our dissatisfaction with the govt of coz, i dont blame them, but they should do their homework deeper and gather proofs before opening their mouth. Tsk tsk tsk… You’d think theyd be smarter than to put a foot wrong just when they had won such an admirable number of seats in the cabinet.