The unique 7 ways Malaysian do businesses.

This is what I have learned lately from looking at how people do businesses here in Malaysia.

1. In order for you to work for me, you have to pay me your 5 years salary eq to RM 100k. – DropZone
2. This Surcharge and That Surcharge. In the end, need to declare profits in the Billions. – MAS & MAHB
3. I got this for 10 Millions, you do the work for me and I pay you RM 5 Millions. – IITC
4. Food pricing including profit – RM 25.50, You also pay for my Gov Tax 5%, and Pay extra 10% for my worker’s salary. Total is RM 29.40. Oh! and Malay do not need to pay the extra – KFC & Pizza Hut
5. Air Ticket – RM 10, Admin Fee – RM 30, Tax – RM 15. Total RM 55. Flight might take off earlier or reserve the right to cancel without prior notices. – Air Asia
6. I subscribe my Streamyx and wirelessly beam to your office or a Monthly Fee of RM 60. Don’t worry, Even the political party’s office is using my service and TM Net will not terminate my line because the party belongs to the former mayor. – Kuching Wifi Internet.
7. Cost per litre RM 2.993, Selling RM 1.910, Government subsidised RM 1.083 per litre. Yearly Government subsidised RM 10 Billions. Last year declared profits RM 33 Billions. – Petronas

Disclaimer: Please read the site T&C before you express anything further. These seven points is my personal view. Reader Discretion is advised.