Graffiti – Write it out loud.

Evidentally, some write letters to newspaper, some went shouting outside the Parliament and Dewan. Some wrote songs to show their disagreements, some hold stage of talk to cry out loud, some blog (including me), but this afternoon, I went to Celcom Satok only to find the wall behind the building marred with graffiti mocking the politician. This wasn’t the first time there are graffiti written on walls behind shop-houses near where I live. The first time, it was some mockeries against some good fella in politic. Then there was the one on the water shortage and now, its about PBB and SUPP.

Here are the two graffitis sighted.

picture-0087.jpg and picture-0086.jpg


Mr. Sih of SUPP has been contacted and the graffiti has since been overlaid with a new coat of white paints.

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