Broadband feats

MyICMS886It seems that what our dear Minister in this dear little book, has proposed that for a higher speed in broadband made available to Malaysian in general. The mentioned of FTTH in 2007 is something that I am waiting for. However, My other concern is the cost of it.

Earlier this year, our dear minister has asked for the reduction of subscription fee for broadband services and coupled with increased of bandwidth where a minimum of 2 mbps speed is required by the ISP to serve their customer.

Being the Deputy Chairman of the TM Net user group – Sarawak Chapter, I have, in the last days of office of the previous CEO of TM Net, requested TM Net to repackage their services based on the market demand and not based on their legend old packages which I would consider as problematic. I have also request TM Net to review the SOP of the Call Centre to make the numero uno in their service. I do hoped that the new CEO Puan Zainab Hashim will continue what Michael has left off. Of all these, Things are beginning to look better with the turn of the year, hopefully to bring the best in the industries to the people.

To our dear minister, I would like to look up for you on your promise of having all the ISP to provide the necessary adjustments to the broadband packages so that user like us will not get neglected.

To our dear Puan Zainab, please consider my earlier proposal on having the marketing to come up with a new packages which will give those Bit-Torrent User unthrottled bandwidth (based on user request) at probably a higher price tag and also to localise high hit sites such as,, and etc with a local co-location within the TM Net network to minimise the international bandwidth utilisation on these sites.

To the people in the industries, please come up with more local content and services which will make the broadband we subscribed to worthwhile.