AP: Malaysian Women Warned of ‘Sexy’ Attire

Malaysian Women Warned of ‘Sexy’ Attire

I have wonder whether the policy maker has consider the history of the woman’s covering which the Arabian women wear is religion link or climate link. I have found out that the reason why Arabian wear heavy clothing is to keep themselves cool. Therefore, the covering is necessary because they are living in a desert. Being Islamic, the teaching taught proper dressing. It also taught the believers on proper thinking. I believed in one of the book of Torah, there is a teaching of Moses of men should not have bad or lustful thinking when they look at women. And being a man myself, I always trying to clear my mind when I look at a pretty woman. This is to reduce the lustful thinking. It is the fault of the one who lost control and not the fault of the one who has been targeted.

Based on study done during my years doing my philosophy paper, the team I’m in, which consisted of 6 Arabian girls, Two Oman’s Boy, One Malaysian Chinese Christian, 4 Malaysian Malays (2 boys and 2 girls) and 2 Taiwanese girl has made study with the influence of climate against influence of religion on clothing in Saudi Arabia. Our study shows that the influence of Climate is the factor and there is almost no religion mentioned of the type of clothing in any of the teaching in Islam.

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