Turkey time

Its Turkey time. If you wish to order your turkey, head directly down to Padungan and make an appointment with baked2order or email them at bake4me8@hotmail.com

Dear Friends of Baked2Order:

It’s X’Mas time once again and we have the following goodies to offer.

1) Roasted Turkey, with sausage,breadcrumbs and mixed vege stuffing, cranberry sauce and brown gravy. (RM160)

2) Roasted Leg Of Lamb, with mint sauce and brown gravy.(RM120)

3) Roasted Sirloin Beef with gravy.(RM120)

4) Roasted Smoked Gammon Ham, honey and pineapple flavour.(RM120)

Item (1) is 5 kg; Items (2) to (4) , about 2+ kg each

Please call 016 808 5558 to order.

Thank you.