HSBC: Connected / separated; Local vs alienated

This is my bad experience which I have with “The World’s Local Bank”. They initially gave me a good service and all that. Really meant that they are local bank. However, by July 2006, they split my 2 for 1 into 2 which means that my visa is having one account number and my master another. This is just a number game they are playing. Also with that, they have split the credit limit into half. I was not happy with this cause this would mean that I can use it only to buy peanuts. Upon calling on their local branch, I was told that this is their policy. (doesn’t that sounded like they are not a local bank anymore not knowing what their customer want?) I let in for a couple of months.

Then came all the advertisement. I remember explicitly that I wrote on my application form, I do not want third party advertiser to call me. Came November 2006, I received firstly from an insurance company claiming to be HSBC. I asked the fella if he knew that he is violating the privacy policy and rights of the customer of HSBC and he couldn’t care. I called the call center and they told me that it is one of their partner. (Partner!?@?@#?!#@!? Doesn’t a partner consider as third party? Unless they have a different vocabulary than the rest of the world. I also called the branch and only to be greeted by a rude girl probably in her PMS. She didn’t even want to know my name. (Still remember HSBC ads that they know their customer by name and not a number).

I have decided to settle all the amount with the bank and parted with my credit card. Only to find that they did not cancel my card upon my request. I have to take leave and walked into the bank demanding my card to be canceled. I wrote a cheque for the outstanding amount after asking for the annual fee waiver.

Today, I have received another statement of account from them stating that I still owe them money arises from the annual fee. What kind of local bank is this? Are they misrepresenting themselves selling the type of service they are not? Tried to call 1300881727 but to no avail. Called Telekom Complaint 100 and was told that the number is not a valid number.!@#!@#$!!@#

I called the branch again and was talking to this lady who sounded so nice at the first place. When I said that Telekom mentioned that their toll free is not valid she freak out and her tone has changed. Guess what!?!, I recognised the lisp and it was the same old rude girl several months back.

May be someone from HSBC would consider this. My Fixed Deposit is going to moved to other bank. My CC is terminated upon my request. You lost my project turnkey financing which I am doing right now for my agricultural paper, you have lost any dealing with my family businesses which would all be moved out pretty soon. You not only lose me, you lose a whole lot more than just a simple customer.