b’day wish

My b’day is just a month more to go. I have never thought of what b’day gift I want so far… This year would be the first time I put up a wish list for my b’day.

1. COLA (Something called Cost of Living Allowance.) – Only my boss can give me that
2. Pay rise – Only my boss can give me that
3. A pair of CROCS. (some dick took one of my sandal and leave one of his at my house.)
4. Philip Shave.
5. New Core2 Duo notebook with 2 GB RAM and 250 GB Hard Disk.
6. A pair of Kingston KTD-DM8400AE/512 RAM. (One won’t do cause my server need it in pair.)
7. A new car (….. Day Dreaming…..)
8. Blog hit 1 Million Visitors.
9. Free for life FINETV subscription.
10. A pair of PDA 3G Handphone. (one won’t do cause who am I going to talk to?)