Rude Malaysian at Choice Supermall Kuching.

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Went shopping this evening and what an experience. I met with two sales rep who is …. “RUDE” by their second names.

First was this lady at the cashier counter at the stationaries. When I walked up to her trying to asked her something, she was busy typing SMS on her mobile. I waited for one whole minutes and she has no reaction towards my presence. I was supposed wanting to asked her where are the trash bags.

Second rude sales rep is the cashier at the rightmost lane. She just check through my groceries and given me a total on her screen. Her display was facing the customer behind me and I can’t read what is the total. Anyway, I pay using my credit card and off I go. May be because I am a Chinese and the shopping mall is in a Malay district.

Off I go to the KFC nearby and come rudie no 3. After we had consumed our KFC, we were on our way out of the outlet. She was guarding the door and there came a bloke to whom she talked to in loud noise. Anyway, was in front of me, a Malay girl and some other gentlemen. She open the door for them. Just when I am approaching the door with all the groceries I have bought, she slam the door at me and walked away. I have to open the door myself. Those few in front of me has almost nothing in their hand.

I would think KFC should not hire such type of racist in this country.

Coming back home I realised that the second sales rep has forfeited RM 10 worth of trash bags which I have bought. They are not in any of the shopping bags (all three of them). I will be heading to the supermarket and going on a crash course with the manager tomorrow to get my RM 10 worth of trash bags back.

This is my complain to the Choice Super Mall Kuching and KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad, please have your staff, sales rep and cashiers trained with proper manners and should not hire any racist just so that you do not violate the Federal Constitution and the rights of other races in this beautiful country.

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