News from TVBS Asia on MAS “Quality of Service”.

Translated article:
Delayed MAS flight – 11 hours, 37 Discontented Tourists

 馬航延誤11小時 37旅客機場怒罵


(37 Taiwanese tourists supposedly taking a flight from a Malaysian Resort Island back to Taiwan transit via Kuala Lumpur on 1 Jan Morning has waited for a whole day and only get to depart at 9 pm, feeling discontented for the 11 hours of waiting, some ill. Malaysian Airline officer was not there to take care of them and has disrespected them. They were furious upon disembarking at Kaohsiung airport.)


(The 37 tourists has complain to the officer of MAS in Taiwan saying: “They didn’t even provide us with drinking water. We had to fork out our own money to buy. This sort of things have never happen in Taiwan”)

(Right out of their vacations, these tourists are now discontented. They wre supposed to fly in from a Resort town in Terengganu to the Capital – Kuala Lumpur for a transit back to Taiwan. The plane has a mechanical problem and this has caused them to wait for 11 hours. Adding fume to the situation was that MAS ons site pay no attention to their predicament.)

(Tourist: I can give more than 50 reasons of the welcoming to Malaysia, However, now for only this one reason, I will never visit Malaysia again because I was not respected here.)


(Tourist: I have travel abroad more than 10 times and visited many countries but has not once met with this kind of situation)


(Tourist: No water, No Food for us. (MAS) didn’t even ask us anything, kept deceiving us to wait for 11 hours.)


(Reporter: Are you having a fever?
Tourist: Yes.
Reporter: Did they assist you in any way?
Tourist: No, no help at all)

(These tourists has been displeased, some with fever but was not aided by the airlines officer, some went to see doctor right after they disembarked. MAS manager has admitted of this shortcoming and prepared some perks for the tourists, however, none of the tourist can accept the situation or the perks. MAS official has indicated that they will give a satisfactory explanation within a week)