Month: March 2007

  • Hot Day

    Isn’t it hot lately?

  • Business opportunity

    There is a IT related business to let go. The current owner has personal reason to let go. One party is currently interested but there is still a need for another party. Total investment would be around RM 30K per party. Business currently have a steady sales of RM 10K a month with operation cost […]

  • TM Net & VADS shit on each other

    This is what I get when I complain about downloading a cd image on a GPL licensed Kiosk OS from VMWare (totally legal using Bittorrent). Problem with the goons at VADS and TM Technical is that they have this thick lousy manual which at sometimes last year, having me to write a long email to […]

  • web 2.1 Error

    What happen when the web master of a web site (which is supposed to be updated daily) went on vacation for a whole week? Answer: Chaos, Article not display properly and 404 error.

  • Cape Cod Times: Malaysian police detain ‘midget’ gang

    Cape Cod Times: Malaysian police detain ‘midget’ gang Something new to read about which local press doesn’t seems to highlight much fact