CVLB Doggone Commitment!

(Disclaimer added by Pierce: John was the co-owner of the domain until 2005 when he migrated to NZ seeking for a greener pasture. The rant posted by John does not in anyway reflect my point of view and it is John’s Point of view. Reader discretion is advised. )

Of late, I think what had transpired lately basically shows how politician plays his way through. Still recall someone has threaten to resign if the buses in the state remains in such a deplorable state. I tried and recently noticed that the “City TRAM” is blowing out thick black choking smoke from its exhaust holes (notice the plural) when it is trying to turn from Jalan Haji Taha towards Jalan Satok. And also I have noticed one afternoon, one bus from CCL passing through Sekama was racking and chunking out smokes as well. Surely that bus is in an definite unsafe condition to travel on the road as it could hardly travel straight down a straight stretch of road less to say load it with passengers . Yet, it was the day before CNY and the bus is still racking on the road making me recall what the Chairman of CVLB had said back in August 2006. My word to my dear YB Datuk is that are you going to allow that bus to remain on the road?!?

Now, I am sure all road travelers/users out there will noticed that most of the buses and trucks are been printed with a toll free number in case you want to complain about their rude behavior on the road since many years ago.

“TOLL FREE: 1 800 88 2466

Well, I actually tried to call in because one truck driver were driving drunk the fourth day of CNY nearly knocking into my Proton Saga and also nearly taken down rider and his bike. It was 4:36pm and the call just went “doot-doot……… doot-doot………” until the line dropped. (3 Minutes) I don’t believed it! And so, therefore I called again and again until the unofficial 4:45pm off time for Government outfit and given up trying for that day. The next morning I tried to call the number again and the same thing happened. The toll free number was not been answered at all. Ended up calling 082-259900 and PDRM answered within three rings.

Now, CVLB, What is the use to pay Telekom for the toll free just so that the ghost telephonist can get phone dates for free with all the caller? Or is this the way for CVLB to show how much they care by not caring at all?!? Or it is just simply the doggone commitment of CVLB by publishing a Toll Free number and not having it manned (womaned)

I would like to asked YB Datuk, how many calls they actually answered from the 1 February 2007 until end of February 2007?!? Surely their call centre system would also be able to track the numbers of unanswered calls coming in and their numbers. (If their phone system cannot achieved this, it would mean that they have yet to study on a workable system to be implemented and harshly jumped into investing such service just because some other people would think that premium SMSes that people sent in would amount to profit tabbing on their account.

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  1. Hey!, one thing I’ve noticed, You copycat my subject. How was call centre business down in Kiwiland? Is Steven and Martin still alive? or they have put you on ejection seat again?!?

    1 more thing, Grandma, Grammer, Grammar!…. Watch all of them. Still have yet get the Kiwi out of your blood.