TM Net & VADS shit on each other

This is what I get when I complain about downloading a cd image on a GPL licensed Kiosk OS from VMWare (totally legal using Bittorrent). Problem with the goons at VADS and TM Technical is that they have this thick lousy manual which at sometimes last year, having me to write a long email to then TM Net CEO – Michael Lai. Apparently, nothing has changed since. I am still having to tell the CS Officer to skip the manual because of my unique way of using it. Learning from what to be constructive criticism, I was told that some of my suggestion to the then CEO was been added into the SOP of the call centre. But they missed the main point of my email. “Listen before decide whether this customer is beginner, novice, intermediate or expert” which is still missing…… large.

This is what I have to counter their “tick manual”  I will call it tick manual from now on because it kept ticking customer off.

DNS – I run my own DNS server. They cannot asked me to check DNS setting
IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS – I use bind8 client, no flushing thing around
Close Internet Explorer – I don’t use that insecured thingy
Cookie, cache and privacy – wget don’t have those.
Shutdown your windows – I use Open Solaris and Ubuntu. No windows thingy. Do have windows XP and Vista in VM server though.
Do a speed test to TM Speedometer – 1224/343 and two other test results showing the similar.
Their Turn Around Time – 2 Working day (denotes 27 March and 28 March)
The Report Number: 4457254, 4457321

So, I would like to wait for the 2 working days to see if they would call back within the 2 working days.

I do hoped that VADS would beef up their level of service in terms of quality and make sure that customer questioned is been understood before asking the standard questions. That should be the SOP of the call centre and not what the rule of going through the whole “trouble” shooting list.