Letter to Rozian of TM, CEO of TM Net and

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Dear Rozian and CEO of TM Net,

Please help to follow up on the above mentioned case numbers. It was proven that the CRO at VADS did not carry out instruction as what the customer wanted. The CRO involved are En. Azry who has difficulties to understand and differentiate type of complain and the other named Kevin who wasted more than 40 minutes of customer’s time on the phone just to put the customer on hold for 10 minutes without giving an excuse for leave, leaving customer waiting in idle when he check with supervisor on the approval to log customer complain against the call centre.

Please make sure that the supervisor and the manager in VADS should be answerable to the mistake and stupid policy of not logging calls on complain against call centre.

Please have the manager and/or the supervisor to answer to me why he and his policy has left the deputy chairman of the Sarawak user group on the call for 1 Hour 11 Min and 5 Sec on a call yesterday evening.

The manager and supervisor should also answer to my question why the a call 4457321 has been closed without proper consent from the customer.

Please note that I have been in contact with so many other users who has sounded their displease on the behavior and modus operandi of the call centre manned by VADS.

Another note to take is that the CRO from VADS has problem understanding type of cases. When the customer called regarding unable to download properly using bittorrent client on open source source code from project site, they should just key in exactly the complain from the customer and not jump in conclusion that the customer is complaining on the problem of “Slow downloading!”

I would demand a response from VADS as the contractor of TM who manned the call centre to answer to these questions and given proper written (snail mail or email) answer to let me publish them on the internet as to why this sort of poor quality is maintained in the call centre and yet gave the public an expression that the call centre has closed all calls within the charters.

For the matters of case 4457321, the call was canceled without the consent of the customer. If I have not called back to check the call, I wouldn’t have known that calls are closed without the permission of the customer and the CRO invented the customer’s permission by twisting around when they are doing their work. In fact, in the view of the customer, the call has failed the “Turn Around Time of 2 Working Days” customer charter that the case was left in the dark for 2 weeks.

I sincerely hoped that VADS will beef up the quality of service towards the customers and make life easier before this product of TM been ruin by their attic in conducting businesses.


Deputy Chairman
TM Net User Group - Sarawak
Pierce Wong
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