Poor English, Pathetic hallucination

Quoting the first para from Borneo Post article, I just realized how people in this Bolehland live in a hypocritical hallucination.

Just imagine a director of a Government department saying the following as per Borneo Post quote:

MIRI: The direct flight from Hong Kong to Miri via Kota Kinabalu is a dream come true for Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (Hong Kong office) director Zaliha Zainuddin.

It should be called indirect flight, since the word direct carries the meaning of from point to point without any stop-over or detour.

In the definition given by dictionary.com:

American Heritage DictionaryCite This Source di·rect       (dÄ­-rÄ›kt’, dÄ«-)  Pronunciation Key


  1. Proceeding without interruption in a straight course or line; not deviating or swerving: a direct route.

Also for the meaning of the word via:

vi·a       (vÄ«’É™, vÄ“’É™)  Pronunciation Key

  1. By way of: went to Pittsburgh via Philadelphia.
  2. By means of: sent the letter via airmail.

My question is that are we cheating ourselves or is this the hypocritical way of how businesses in Malaysia, especially those of Government Linked ones, making their way to proof that they are doing something with probable humbug by using two contradicting words in the dictionary in an ingenious way of proving that these two words in the eyes of politic, can be used together with no means to discourse?

With in deed, this is a dream; if it is not, because we can go from Hong Kong to Miri directly, via Kota Kinabalu. Do you understand how to go direct with a stopover (via) now?