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strange phone calls

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I got a phone call this evening. Caller ID shows as “0301” The caller asked one a strange question. “Mr. Wong, What the URL for high court web site?” Right after I’ve said “its” the line went “*CLICK*” and … Continue reading

political chicken dog fight

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I have a feeling that this coming election will be seeing a scene of political chicken dog fight here in Kuching. What the DAP wants is the put the top people in SUPP here in Kuching and get defeated. They … Continue reading

TM Net Facilities down?

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I have unconfirmed reports that the international gateway, the COINS, and MyIX link of TM Net is currently down. There were no official news as the primary DNS of TM Net is also down.

Smoke the feminine way.

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What I have seen of late was a whole new trend of people smoking in the public. I managed to see ladies in their tudong smoking in public when you pay her your excess parking fee at the booth, I … Continue reading

Serian on Fire

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On the way back to Kuching, I have seen the site of a town center burnt down to ashes. That’s right, the roll of shop houses which was always busy and packed with people is now gone.