being second

In my life, I have always been second to someone. Being the youngest in the family, tailing other siblings. Today I am going to write about being second. Being the second in a singing competition, being the second owner of my car, being the second certificator for CICS IT Project Management consortium of Geschäft Akademie, being my wife’s second man, being the second person to own this blog, being the second person to discover a new business plan, being the second in charge of the second TM Net User Group in Malaysia.  I do know how it feels like being second.

The question is that is being the second means that you are behind someone? or does that means that you are not as good as the first? I can only say that being second can be good because you are not the first to walk the path, you are not the one facing the unknown and you are not the one facing the first line of music when things started to go wrong.

I would like to share my feeling being the second certificator for CICS ITPM when the late Dr. C A passed on leaving the consortium to me. My feeling when the lawyer told me of the will and what is to happen to his research and that I am to continue his work as much as I can possible, looking back at what the late Dr. C A has gone through when he started his work, With continuing his research, I do not need to go through what pain that he has gone through.

I look at being second as the continuation of what has been laid before me by the pioneers. It is being given the honour to be at the second place. Being second does not mean that you are the substitute of the pioneer but the honour was given to continue the work of the forerunner.

Looking at Jeanne Abdullah, who came to the limelight of late, I felt that in the heart of Pak Lah, she is not the substitute for Kak Endon, but she is been honoured to be part of their life and giving the leader of the nation additional support in his life to lead this nation.

My heartiest congratulations to Pak Lah and Jeanne. Have a nice life ahead and best wishes to the two newly wed to be.