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Kenny Sia and Nicole Tan?

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Someone pop me a message on my email today Hey Uncle Pierce, Is Kenny Sia dating Nicole Tan? When are they getting married? Sakit hati if they marry. Gone my coconut boy. Shirley Tan My Reply to her: Dear Shirley, … Continue reading

Pos Lambat

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I am wondering what has happened to Pos Lambat lately. Keying a tracking number over the web interface basically show nothing at all. May be POS Malaysia want us to wait for another 50 years before they return whether your … Continue reading

Internet Access in Kuching

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Here are the ways you can get internet access in Kuching (legally and Illegally) 1. Drive around with your notebook or Wifi enabled PDA and you can get around 100++ SSID in residential area. 2. Call 1315 on any Telekom … Continue reading

Fire! everywhere

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On my way to Sibu yesterday, I snapshot these two photo of open fire.

Toilet in famous restaurant

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Location: Sugarbun Building – Kuching Scale of 1-10 where 1 is clean and nice and 10 being the bottom of the Tong Sampah Rating: 10.5 (hey! my tong sampah at home is cleaner than that toilet)