Internet Access in Kuching

Here are the ways you can get internet access in Kuching (legally and Illegally)

1. Drive around with your notebook or Wifi enabled PDA and you can get around 100++ SSID in residential area.

2. Call 1315 on any Telekom Phone.

3. Get 1515 account from TM Net

4. Be a Celcom customer and try your best mean to get a celcom net account. dial to 211519

5. Use your Digi Phone with Bluetooth to connect.

6. Use Maxis3G phone with Bluetooth to connect.

7. Subscribe to Streamyx

8. Subscribed to Deconnexion and use Wifi which is using TM Net as internal pipe while VPN to HK to reach Internet.

9. Use TM Net Hotspot at certain location.

10. Use Celcom 3G service with Bluetooth to connect.

11. Use CDC Internet, Using SDSL Line from Streamyx

12. Telekom VSAT Internet Access

13. Go for

14. Maxis Broadband (Service available but subscription is not open)

15. IP Sat

16. 1511 for Jaring dial up

17. TM ISDN 1525

Next to come are:

18. AtlasOne

19. Jaring Broadband

20. TM Streamyx Wireless BroadBand

21. Izzi Iburst Service

22. RedToneVMNO

23. Celcom Broadband