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some stewed pig canadian

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Some stewed pig canadian has been bluffing using my domain. What can I say, sterilized them….

Love at first sight

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How can someone say “I Love You” during the first time you talk to that person? Some more, its the first sentence you heard from that person?….. Think! Think! Think! Think! Think…………….


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I have just found out that I’ve been poisoned. Have no idea where the toxin is coming from but a toxicology test is being carried out and I hoped this source can be found soon…

Rain giver

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I have a rain giver staying in my house right now. Every time this cute doctor decided to do her laundry, rains will follow.

Saya Yang Mengikut Perintah

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I would think some idiot when signing their name would think “Saya Yang Mengikut Perintah” Some civil Servants alway sign their official letter using the above title. This sort of wording is kind of like CC in Pua Chu Kang … Continue reading