The banquet

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It seems that the girl there at the font counter was not that experience in greeting customer. Mind the first thing she greet is showing the back side of her palm inquiring how many people to seat.


The price tag for the dim sum there is really on the high side. The price is even costlier than some four star hotel in town.


Well, the lo mai kai is too soft and crumb, the shark fin meat dumplings are too salty. The variety available are lesser than Dong Guan. Even the portion is significantly smaller than other lap chap dim sum called 99 dim sum. Talking about the taste. All the food is either too salty or too dull.

Sum up

Spending RM 40 for two pax is too expensive. Worse still, after consuming that amount, the stomach is still hungry. Total portion is equivalent to a bowl of Kolo Mee.

Overall rating (0-10): 0.1

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