Saya Yang Mengikut Perintah

I would think some idiot when signing their name would think “Saya Yang Mengikut Perintah”

Some civil Servants alway sign their official letter using the above title. This sort of wording is kind of like CC in Pua Chu Kang movie (Cover Ca-ch’ng).

To me, some of these people who signed the letter has no idea what they are doing…. or they have not even think about it. They feel very “song” to just sign their letters and push the responsibility upwards with that Cover Ca-Ch’ng phrase written.

Of late, some news paper is in a dilemma, One side, the ministry said ” Cannot put ‘can read/write Mandarin’ in the Ads”, while the ads is meant to look for a mandarin-malay interpreters for a law firm.

My question to the stupid fella who issue that official letter, If you want to hire an interpreter, the language criteria is utmost important especially involving both languages per part. Are you saying that we have to hire a non-mandarin speaking person and give them training on the language before letting them do their work? or should we just hire someone who has already knew both languages and get on with it straight away.

I rest my case.