Noisy Raya

I was stunned last night when my neighbour’s kid nearly burn down the whole lot while modifying fire crackers. His front yard is still charred with the burn debris and his car’s spare tire is left with only a rim.

Come every Chinese new year, the police will kill the fun by restricting fire crackers. But it seems that the Malay are normally the one who got burn because they prefer to modify their fire cracker which will lead to accident. And just like the stupid Malay kid next door, he nearly cause a big fire while he burn down a yard table, a spare tire and some electrical wiring in his house 48 hours before Raya. Yet still not able to see the police taking action against those who celebrate with fire crackers.

I still recall last Raya when my stupid Malay neighbour’s kid throw fire crackers into my yard. I’ve called the police and it pisses me off that they say they don’t want to take action cause they are Muslim and it was hari Raya.

May be this time round, with new chief, the police will do something in case the stupid kid next door decided to break a fire.