The Judiciary Video Clips Mystery.

One part I would like to know.

VK Lingam Video info

What handphone can take NTSC 320X240 resolution video recording 4 years ago?

Answer: None! from the best of my knowledge.

Unless someone is holding a web cam and recording it into a notebook, else the resolution shouldn’t be that high.

The other fact is that in the video, there seems to have a moment when the camera went into auto focus mode. As far as I know, handphone cameras are almost all, static focus.

I would say that on my personal opinion, the video was not taken using a camera phone as claimed.

Most of the Video Cam Phone can only support NTSC/PAL QSIF format and not NTSC SIF until 2006. SIF Video Recording only enter the market in end 2005.

Ref. Video Resolution Standards.