News – the delay factor

Have you ever wonder if you could get your newspaper to get the news from tomorrow instead of yesterday? Most of the nwes we get nowadays are actually delayed news of yesterdays. The business of news has always lie within the realm of how things is portrayed and not how fast the news can be out.

With the emerged Internet News site, news seems to be delivered faster. However there is no proper channel to confirm the authenticity of the news instantly. In a society which practice news censorship liken those here in Malaysia, “official press release” are often the main source of live for the news industries and how the news is been rewritten is all depending on the accuracy of the press release and the skills of the reporters or editors. One source of news has become a good point of reference of late and these are bloggers. A good bloggers usually substantiates news with photo or audio recordings or quoting the source of the news. These has cause the politician to jump off their bed right in the middle of the night because the news released was not control and it can have serious repercussions and might not reflect the political stands of the politician.

However, news will remains news for now. It is the news that caught the interest of the people and not the way the news is made. What there was on the news used to be things that is happening and things that has surfaced. However, due to some powerful people who always wanted to control everything, some even tried to control news. Looking at press release and press statements all over the world,  It seems that this trend is not only confined to certain region but towards all the politician in the world. Once the news is controlled, it is considered fed news and it has lost its favour as the level of interest acceptance has dropped.