Month: December 2007

  • On your mark, get set…..

    Just have induced diarrhea again. hopefully it will clear my problem that I am facing last few days.

  • Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007)

    What a Day.

  • Its Boxing Day…

    Its that time of the year. You will shop until you drop and please do keep at least your boxer on after shopping cause indecent expose is still a crime regardless whether its on Christmas or the Boxing day. Enjoy the shopping and please leave your boxer on.

  • Is the world Sinking?

    I believed that the world is sinking cause you get flood almost everywhere. There are water coming from everywhere and water level on certain town/city has raise to the flooding stage. This has cause massive damages to various country over the years and now its happening here in Sarawak. Part to due with the heavy […]

  • NTV7 the Breakfast show Charade

    what surprised me is that the poor guy doesn’t know how to pronounce the word “often” and “Education”. Maybe the producer should have check before embarrassing the station on live tele. At home now cause I am on sick leave.