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Manhattan Fish Market

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Was at the fish market today. The helpful lady missed my order of a grill in one and trying to serve me a portion of RM 13.90 fish and Chips which was not as tasty as those of Richmond place … Continue reading

tHe Spring

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Were at the Spring yesterday evening at 7pm but what a put off when we were told to come back today at 10am. I would have thought that it has been open and why this idiot staff of tHe Spring … Continue reading

Vertigo, vertigo vertigo

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Same old problem when I see people as if they are walking on the ceiling while they are walking straight up.

2008 – wishes and blessing

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unlike last year, This year, I only asked for the following: 1. Better health, 2. Better healthcare 3. Better Income 4. More Blessing 5. Better future 6. Better Luck 7. Better Quality time 8. Better new year Happy New Year … Continue reading