Month: February 2008

  • Who?

    This is the day we find out, who is the possible ones to lead us as the leader of the community. So, its the final countdown.

  • time and space

    I am having a hard time trying to cope with my time and space issue here. What I can say is that it is affecting a lot of things around me. Including my job, my colleagues and my family. Especially the one closest to me are affected. This include Sophia and my mother. My house […]

  • The battle began

    Its time and all the precursor has been fulfilled. Now all its left is the call and the actions to come

  • Chinese New Year

    Wish all the Sino a happy Chinese New Year. May the Rat sneak into your house and left some of the wealth it brings.

  • Human behavior

    Some people just cannot work together with others. They not only been bossy, but their main objective in life is to get on the nerve of the people around them. Take my housemate recent experience with her colleague. This colleague is playing hard ball to his own benefits. Just like I’ve said, “screwed him!” He […]