oh hope and despairs.

I am sipping coffee now while waiting in despair for my newly bought watch from across starbuck down here at the spring. The wonderful things about the whole ordeal is that I get to sip coffee which is laced with vit choco. hoped the new watch will not reboot like MS Windows pop with blue screen.

Partly in my life, I would hoped for the best to come as I can feel that this is another turning point of my life.

Let me recap.

1. change of structure in life. [snipped] P&C terms and condition applied.
2. Seeing a shrink on a regular basis.
3. Taking tranquiliser every day.
4. About to finish the second biggest project I’ve involved in so far,
5. Started to take in caffeine products.
6. About to start a new construction technology company with my cousin. (non-IT based, status is still in neverland with MJ)
7. Thinking of taking a sabbatical to Cambodia.
8. Rejuvenate my participation with WCS.org.
9. Might be taking a sabbatical to go into the woods to check on possibility of doing remote sensing on animal.
10. Want to start a boutique. (ya ya ya! I am no fashion designer but just for the heck of it)

That’s life now in an all-in-one package.