Some weiblich basket

Was having a hard time dealing with the opposite sex. They always think that they are right. Especially some feminine figures who think highly of her own self whereas her race is just a race of wannabe since the 7th century animal slayer in the palace who has been outcast due to some death of a prince in the imperial palace and casted the whole tribe out of China to come down to Nan Yang to make a living. Since the animal is the cause of their outcast, they have stopped consuming them since and has banned their tribesmen from eating delicacies and embraced an altered teachings by the Persians who were sailors and traders at the place of the ladings.

Anyway, thinking so highly of herself, she neglected the fact that she is just a guest in my house and I have treated her well for the past 9 months providing her supports and shelters. With myself not at the top of my mental health lately, I strife hard to cope with her changing attitudes while trying to balance myself in the mist of my other 11 problems in life which has struck me all at the same time.

Solving it one by one now, I have managed to overcome 2 of them and still another nine more to go, that is if I don’t count the basket which contains them as item 10.

I still have to work tonight until late night, but to which I need to dos and don’ts, I would think I should be taking things easily and make myself cool to the fact that I can overcome all the problems at hand and strife on. Life path has never being smooth sailing but since I can upgrade my blog software at ease today, I can also do this without any problem. I have to be confident in myself when I brush shoulder with a weiblich basket in the future.

Another point of notes, 2 is a company, 3 is just too much to handle. Just my 2 cents.