Dear Ann

Dear Ann,

I have been keeping my cool lately. Of all the reason I have, I have but one that I don’t wanna talk about and that has got nothing to do with you.

Of late, you have been angry at me for not apologising to you for things I’d said but I can only keeping mum about it as it has your integrity written all over it and also I do not want you to be in trouble with your law over it.

I have also trying to do my best to accommodate you during your 9 months stay here at my humble above. Indeed I am honoured to be called your da ge. However I must cautions you that you have doing things to yourself. I always let the party on fume to calm down before I can talk to them as that is what I have studied in my many years of psychology and during my practice.

About the things that you said, you mentioned that I have not tell you earlier about the “problem”, indeed I have on the second day of CNY. Maybe if you can recapped, you might be able to remember.

In fact, I have made up my mind not to talk to you unless you are ready. From the conversation we had tonight, you were not ready at all to talk. You are just trying to release your anger and frustrations on me.

Communications is both ways. Its thought from Person A conveyed to person B and vice versa. What you have in mind in terms of communication is one way. By the way, I do have the audacity to face the music. This is what I have been doing in the last two months with my works. It took a lot to work with when coming to dealing with politicians which I am doing right now. I do not need the politic at home for change. One thing I would like to asked you. Since you are a guest in my house, how could you have the audacity to question what I wanted to do and when I want to do it?

Ann, you are too young to understand human behaviour. That is why people around you does not befriend you after awhile. They may be people who is strict like me. But there are people who has seen it all and come to a situation that they move on while leaving the lingerer to stay on with the problem. People who stopped at a problem is someone who think that things must be solved to their preference, while reality checks confirms that if you do that, you linger on and you are left behind doing your own things at your own paste. Everything will starts to fall apart. Your anger will accumulate and things will get worse and worst.

I moved on with my life now knowing that the world has moved on. I had advised you not to linger at a problem too much but so far all those advise has proved to be of no use cause you still linger on unto the problem. In life, there is mutual respect. You have none of it towards other people. This is the thing I have been trying to tell you all these while. Maybe because you think that you are much better than other people. Well, you are not. You may be good in doing certain thing but do you really do it the right way or you are doing it your own way which you think it’s right!

I ponder on our recent misunderstanding and what I’ve said is move on. Are you not going to move on? Why is my problem suddenly halted your life and stall your emotional mind to the bottomless pit? Just think about all your complains to be before this. My aid to your was then and then. After which, I moved on. When I have another chance to help you, I will do it then and then again and moved on. You should have learn this that way so that you know what to do when you are faced with new problem further down the road.

My dear Ann, move on with life. Please! Moving on with life does not mean trying to escape cowardly. It is merely to tell the problem “good bye” and life goes on. I wish for all that you don’t linger. And yet you do. Anyway, I don’t want to waste my energy talking to you when you are not listening at all right now. Quench your anger and move on, only then I will talk to you. (not that I don’t try, but it was you who don’t try when I talk to you)

I just wish you can go and see that life is more meaningful if you can learn to let go of any problem at hand.

Your Da ge,

Pierce Wong